Sunday, July 19, 2015

Natural Crochet Braids (Marley vs Water Wave)

Hello loves!
I am back with a quick blog post on the lovely Crochet braid trend! I have tried a few different brands of hair but my favorite has to be the freetress Waterwave bulk (it ages beautifully). I feel the major difference between the water wave and Marley hair is the prep time. For first timers. .. The marley hair needs prep time. First the hair needs to be brushed out .. Then you have to perm rod the hair .. then dip it..and I usually wait for it to completely dry before I install it. The water wave hair is ready to go right out of the package. In the pictures below, the dated ones are the Waterwave install and the ones without the dates are Marley hair. Also please note: I only used two packs of the Waterwave .. I used 3-4 packs of Marley hair. 

What everyone Liked MOST!